Case studies

A local authority

A local authority invited us to work with 80 of their most senior leaders. The brief was to enable those individuals to identify and deliver the ‘brave’, ‘transformational’ and ‘cross-cutting’ changes that would make the authority fit for purpose in their new, financially constrained, context.

Our response was to shape and deliver a two phase process in partnership with the internal OD function. We led on phase 1 and our internal colleagues then took control for phase 2.

At the core of Phase 1 was a series of 5 workshops. We began by clarifying behavioural expectations and then broadened out the focus to explore and define first context and then purpose. The final two events focused first on situation and behaviour and finally on revisiting context and re-clarifying purpose as a  lead into Phase 2.

In addition to the core workshops, each individual received 360° feedback at the beginning and end of phase 1, became a member of an action learning set and was supported throughout by a Director, acting as a coach/mentor.

“Two years ago there was little traction in the idea that service managers could become the engine room for change. Now we have 80 or so managers thinking in this way. This gives us a far better chance of coping with future challenges than just having a dozen directors at the top of the council structure doing so.” 

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