Our combined experience

We have a wealth of experience working at multiple levels within a wide variety of clients across a broad range of business sectors.

Two visits to mainland China saw us support the set up of a joint venture chemical plant. We facilitated senior management discussions around both the structure and culture of the new organisation.
Professional Services
We know this sector and it’s dominant “time is money” culture well through our work with a wide variety of businesses, ranging from legal firms to management and environmental consultancies. Recent work in this sector has, for example, been on creating a fresh approach to performance management in order that our client can better respond to an increasingly competitive environment. 
Financial Services
Our extensive work in this sector has ranged from the creation of competency frameworks, through the facilitation of leadership development workshops to 1:1 executive coaching. We have also worked with a Wealth Management client to support their partners in transforming their businesses. This work has been done in collaboration with internal Business Development Managers.
Local Government
We have worked with a wide variety of English local authorities. Recently our focus has been on supporting Chief Executives, their teams and other key leaders as they work to transform their organisations in response to the challenges of austerity. This work has combined 1:1 coaching, executive team development and leadership development programmes. We have also been involved in mediating the relationships between senior leaders whose working relationships are critical to the success of any transformation process.
Between us we have experience of both managing within and as consultants to a wide variety of exploration, production and distribution businesses in this sector. Our work has ranged, once again, from facilitation of strategy and team development events through design and delivery of innovative leadership skill development programmes to 1:1 executive coaching. This work has had a particularly international flavour.
Our work in this sector has concentrated on the use of instruments such as Lumina Spark© to enhance team development.
Third Sector
We have direct experience of working within the third sector. In addition, as consiltants, we have facilitated team events and provided 1:1 coaching support to senior managers. Our most recent work has involved us in supporting the development of partnerships between organisations within this sector; again in response to current financial constraints.
Property & Construction
Our work in this sector has, once again, been varied. We have worked with clients to enhance their learning and development infrastructure and then to design and deliver bespoke team and leadership development programmes. Our most recent work has seen us work with senior leaders and their teams to transform their organisation into one fit to take the opportunities now openning up in their market.
Our experience in this sector ranges from rail to air travel. Once again work with this sector has a particularly international flavour – with assignments being carried out in Europe and India.

“Two years ago there was little traction in the idea that service managers could become the engine room for change. Now we have 80 or so managers thinking in this way. This gives us a far better chance of coping with future challenges than just having a dozen directors at the top of the council structure doing so.” 

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