We are behavioural change specialists

… here to support and challenge, when things need to change.

Our Approach

The work we do is all about:

CONTEXT: What’s happening in your ‘world’ that makes this change so important?

OUTCOMES: What will your world look, sound and feel like once the change is real?

PIVOTAL SITUATIONS: Where and when will the change you’re looking for happen?

BEHAVIOUR: What does it take to handle those situations skilfully?

Odyssey in Action

We help leaders and their people deliver change in the situations when it matters most, and we can do the same for you.

An entire organisation

Have you recognised that the organisation you lead isn’t fit to face the future?

Part of an

Do you have responsibility for part of an organisation that needs to change and the power to make that happen?

A particular team

Is it clear that your team isn’t delivering what the organisation needs?

An individual

Is the wellbeing or performance of one of your team causing you concern?

Where We’ve Made a Difference

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Something happened to me the other day and it made me question just how often it happens in my life and in other’s. In the process of tidying up the...

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What’s going on in there?

What’s going on in there?

One of the questions we routinely ask at the start of our conversations with clients is “which version of you has turned up today?”. We began asking...

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