About Odyssey

Odyssey / (ˈɒdɪsɪ) / Od.ys.sey
noun [usually singular]
: a long voyage marked by many changes.

The Change Journey

We work with you to help bring about sustained behavioural change within your organisation.

Change by definition is a journey into the unknown.

This can be a challenging and scary prospect, so resistance to it is inevitable and completely understandable. 

One thing that significantly increases the chances of people following you, is if they can see you are fully committed to the journey. Because, if you’re not, how on earth can you expect others to follow you?

The first step in our work with leaders is to encourage them to take a step back and ask themselves these questions:

–  Are you sure you need this change?
  Are you sure you want this change?
  Are you sure you believe in this change?
  Are you sure you’re prepared for the consequences of this change?
  Are you sure you’re ready to role model this change?

When they’re sure they’re sure about the change, it’s then time to get everyone on the same page because…

No individual change, no organisational change.

It’s as straightforward as that.

Core Drivers of Behaviour

Our experience and research tells us that people only change if they believe it to be important, acceptable and possible for them.

This is why initial resistance to any proposed change is very normal and can often look like this…

If we want people to join you on the journey, we need to convince them that it’s important, acceptable and possible enough for them to do so.

If we can convince people that the change is important, acceptable and possible enough to them, we’ve created a compelling case for change.

Our Approach

The next obvious step is to bring the change to life. We do this by focusing on 4 interlinked elements.


Context is an organisation's external and internal landscape.

Somewhere in this landscape will be the compelling case for change - why change needs to happen.

It will also tell us what's likely to make the change seem (un)important, (un)acceptable and (im)possible to the people that work within it.


To us, Outcomes are what needs to be happening once the change has become 'just part of what we do around here'.

This isn't so much about numbers, as it's about bringing the change to life.

Ultimately, the key question will be 'what is my contribution to delivering those Outcomes going to be?’.

Pivotal Situations

All behaviour depends on where we are, who we're with and what's at stake. That's why we focus on Pivotal Situations.

These are the real world, day to day events that provide the opportunity to actually bring the change to life.

This is where change happens.


A key promise to our clients is that we'll help equip them to not only recognise those Pivotal Situations, but to behave within them, in ways that bring the change to life.

Here we focus on what we call 'Moments of Truth' - where what an individual decides to do next will make all the difference.

This is how change happens.

Doctoral Research

Our work is informed by a fundamental understanding of how people make behavioural decisions and what it takes to influence those decisions to help bring changes to life.

That understanding and our approach is underpinned by doctoral research into Behavioural Decision Making and subsequent practical application.

Meet the Team

Between us we have more years of experience than we’d like to admit!

Liz Staniforth

Founder & Managing Director

Dr Phil Allcock

Founder & Director

John Langford


Hannah Hill

Business Manager

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