Our focus

If people are going to change they'll need to scan for and then skilfully manage opportunities to do so in their day to day lives. If that's going to happen we need to help them see the world and their contribution to it differently.



The world

  • We work with our clients to shape the world that their people work in so that it reinforces rather than undermines the importance, acceptability and possibility of change. This involves ensuring that leaders are clear about what it is they really want from their people and can share those aspirations in a compelling enough way to convince those people to put in the effort needed to make it happen. It might also involve making changes to structures, systems, procedures and rules in order to emphasise that changing is genuinely important, acceptable and possible.
  • We also need to be able to bring change to life. To do this we need to be clear about where people will be and who they'll be with when they have the opportunity to make that change happen. We then need to be able to show what skilfully handling those moments of truth looks and sounds like. 

My contribution

  • Having shaped a world that genuinely encourages change, attention shifts to the individual. Here we focus primarily on an individual’s moments of truth and work to enhance the likelihood that they'll scan for and then skilfully manage them.
  • If behavioural change is going to be sustained, Individuals need to believe that behaving differently is the best way for them to handle a particular moment of truth. This involves convincing them that it’s useful, giving them permission and demonstrating that it is possible for them to behave like that. All of this takes time. 



“Two years ago there was little traction in the idea that service managers could become the engine room for change. Now we have 80 or so managers thinking in this way. This gives us a far better chance of coping with future challenges than just having a dozen directors at the top of the council structure doing so.”
Jan Britton, Chief Executive - Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

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